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Английский язык. Экзамен. Билет №1. (Часть 2-я)

ID: 160470
Дата закачки: 17 Декабря 2015

Автор: terminator
Продавец: terminator
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Тип работы: Билеты экзаменационные
Форматы файлов: Microsoft Word
Сдано в учебном заведении: СибГУТИ

Задание 1.Выберите правильный ответ.

1. Multimedia_____any computer application that integrates texts, graphics, animation video and other methods of communication.
a. was b. are c. is

2. Multimedia _____more popular after the mid-1990s when the price of hardware began to fall.
a. became b. becomes c. become

3. Today, we _____ find multimedia at home, in school, at work, in public places.
a. must b. should c. can

4. Using multimedia for graphs and tables is now_____way to present company results.
a. good b. the best c. better

5. In industry, pilots learn to fly__ ___multimedia simulations of real situations.
a. used b. using c. use

6. Publishers are also producing interactive magazines, _ ____e-zines, and e-books online.
a. called b. calling c. call

7. Teenager ____computer games for years.
a. played b. have played c. are playing

8. This simulation makes you think you really_____ to the moon.
a. are flying b. fly c. have flown

9. All the links in this e-zine _____ to football.
a. have related b. were relating c. are related

10. The international Symposium of IEEE ___ in Fribourg (Switzerland) September27-October 1. Deadline of submission: April 18.
a. took place b. have taken place c. will take place

11. When the design is complete, the file _

____into a computer-aided manufacturing program.
a. imports b. imported c. is imported

12. The file _____ to a post-processor which _____the data into a set of instructions.
a. is sent b. will sent c. sends
a. is converted b. converted c. converts

13. In complete computer- integrated manufacturing, computers_____the assembly line and _____the supply of materials, ordering new supplies when needed.
a. controls b. are controlled c. control
a. monitor b. have monitored c. are monitored

14. Computers also_ ___changes in a product to be made easily.
a. permits b. permit c. are permitting

15. Orders can_____to meet the needs of a particular client.
a. to customize b. be customized c. customize

16. The device_____detected charges _____ through the circuit.
a. was used b. using c. used
a. were moving b. moving c. being moved

17. _____ under different conditions, the devices were put to use.
a. having been tested b. being tested c. testing

18. While_____problems, one should follow the instructions.
a. solved b. being solved c. solving

19. During sound transmission, current _____ in telephone wires changes the frequency of sound oscillations.
a. being flown b. flowing c. flown

20. A microphone____part of a telephone set is called a telephone transmitter.
a. formed b. having been formed c. forming

21. If we_____this new method of computation, we should have made maximum use of the automatic principle.
a. had used b. used c. have used

22. If you arranged the equipment properly the result of the work_____much better.
a. will be b. would be c. would have been.

Задание 2. Сделать задание к тексту.

The northern lights, or the aurora borealis, is one of nature\'s most dazzling spectacles. When it appears, there is often a crackling sound coming to the sky. A huge, luminous arc lights up the night, and this arc is constantly in motion. Sometimes, the brilliant rays of light spread upward in the shape of a fan. At other times, they flash here and there like
giant searchlights, or move up and down so suddenly that they have been called "the merry dancers." Farther north the aurora frequently looks like fiery draperies which hang to the sky and sway to and fro while flames of red, orange, green, and blue play up and down the moving folds.
According to scientific measurements, this discharge of light takes place to 50 to 100 miles above the earth. But it doesn\'t reach its greatest brilliance at the North Pole. It is seen at its best around the Hudson Bay region in Canada, in northern Scotland, and in southern Norway and Sweden. It may sometimes be seen even in the United States as it flashes
across the northern sky.
Science is still not certain regarding exactly what these lights are and what causes them. But it is believed that the rays are due to discharges of
electricity in the rare upper atmosphere. The displays seem to center about the earth\'s magnetic poles, and electrical and magnetic disturbances often (20) occur when the lights are especially brilliant.

1. This passage is about
(A) a scientific phenomenon
(B) a natural disaster
(C) an architectural monument
(D) a natural landform

2. This passage discusses the findings of
(A) teachers
(B) scientists
(C) northerners
(D) artists

3. In which part of the passage does the
author discuss what the aurora borealis
looks like?
(A) Paragraph 1
(B) Paragraph 2
(C) Paragraph 3
(D) Whole passage
4. Paragraph 2 mainly discusses northern
lights in relation to their
(A) Size
(B) colors
(C) location
(D) cause

5. From Paragraph 3 we learn that the cause
of northern lights is 
(A) uncertain
(B) beyond belief

(C) uninvestigated
(D) well established

Комментарии: Уважаемый слушатель, дистанционного обучения,
Оценена Ваша работа по предмету: Английский язык (часть 2)
Вид работы: Экзамен
Дата оценки: 16.12.2015
Рецензия:Уважаемый ,Вы хорошо справились с заданием. Неверно сделали 10,18 предложения. К тексту неверно сделали 5 задание
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