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Английский язык (часть 2-я). Экзаменационная работа. Билет №2

ID: 162285
Дата закачки: 30 Января 2016
Продавец: axaone
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Тип работы: Билеты экзаменационные
Форматы файлов: Microsoft Word
Сдано в учебном заведении: СибГУТИ

Задание 1. Выберите правильный ответ.

1. Compared with other types of cables, it has a great advantage- it’s use will _____ transmitting current practically without losses.
a. result to b. result at c. result in

2. Communicating by radio-wave in the 800-900megahertz band, they _____a significant degree of mobility within a defined serving region that may be hundreds of square kilometers in area.
a. permit b. attach c. plug in

3. Variable capacitors are used when the capacitance of a capacitor_____to the circuit should be used.
a. connecting b. connected c. is connected

4. Colour video information in the signal _____ doesn’t change the operational characteristics of the telephone receiver.
a. transmitting b. being transmitted c. having transmitted

5. I was able to watch a movie after using some_____software that reprocesses video into a more streaming-friendly version.
a. including b. having included c. included

6. Some important initiatives _____to invert the dominant trend, offering alternatives with a view to ending digital exclusion.
a. implemented b. are being implemented c. will implement

7. They_____a technology that is so solid that institutions and corporations use it without problems.
a. have developed b. are developing c. had been developing

8. They may be able to access your data if you _____ the password for the root account, which by default is the same for every Pogoplug.
a. wouldn’t change b. didn’t change c. don’t change

9. The action of the grid in an electronic tube enables_____as an amplifier of small voltages and currents.
a. act b. to be acted c. to act

10. Transistor batteries _____ to be of great use in systems that have to operate on weak signals, for example, in ultra-long-distance space communication.
a. have expected b. will expect c. were expected

11. The energy lost in the capacitor appears in the form of heat _____ in the dielectric.
a. generating b. being generated c. having generated

12. Broadcasting planned to serve distant areas, employing short waves, and _____on reflecting to the ionosphere, normally uses a relatively narrow beam of energy.
a. depended b. depending c. is depending

13. Besides being capable of_____reliable results, automatic control can be used where manual control is efficient.
a. produced b. to be produced c. producing

14. _____the metal parts of cables to being corroded, various protecting materials are being widely used.
a. to prevent b. to be prevented c. having prevented

15. The reflecting signal_____, the distance to the object was counted.
a. was received b. having been received c. have been received
16. Materials_____very high resistance are called insulators.
a. having b. have c. are having

17. _____ this law of mechanics one should know the theory well.
a. explain b. to be explained c. to explain

18. The problem _____ is of great importance to our industry.
a. had solved b. to be solved c. will be solved.

19. While_____through the conductor, resistance results in the production of heat.
a. have passed b. passing c. passes

20. If this young engineer were here he _____elaborate a more detailed plan.
a. elaborates b. will elaborate c. would elaborate

21. If we_____this new system of computation, we should have made maximum use of the automation principle.
a. had used b. use c. will use

22. The life of the space vehicle is connected with the amount of energy _____ to power systems.
a. will obtain b. being obtained c. had obtained.

Задание 2. Сделать задание к тексту.

When we think of time, we think of clock time. Action all around the world is synchronized by clock time, starting with train schedules, worldwide plane schedules, navigation, astronomy, worldwide telecommunication, etc. These depend completely on accurate timing. The accuracy standards of timekeeping devices have been increasing rapidly due to the demands for more and more accurate timing for space communication, navigation, astronomy, etc. Rather than use mechanical clocks, we are relying nowadays on "atomic clocks." This is not a clock in the usual sense but a device that uses the very stable oscillation of the cesium atoms as a standard for timekeeping.
From grandfather clocks to wristwatches, all these clocks are supposed to chop up for us the 24 hours of the day more or less reliably into hours, minutes, and seconds. Let\'s call this kind of time "objective" since everybody\'s watches are supposed to cut time into slices of even thickness.
However, we know to personal experience that time does not "feel" as passing evenly under different circumstances. When pursuing some interesting activity, time "flies"; while waiting in the dentist\'s office, it "drags." When Einstein was once asked about this "psychological time," he replied with a now famous observation: "When you spend two hours with a nice girl, you think it\'s only a minute. But when you sit on a hot stove for a minute, you think it\'s two hours." Realizing the relativity of time, let us
see, then, how this subjective time can be put to some use.

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