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Английский язык (Часть 2-я). (Билет №4)

ID: 176569
Дата закачки: 11 Января 2017

Автор: Steym
Продавец: Steym
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Тип работы: Работа Экзаменационная
Сдано в учебном заведении: ДО СИБГУТИ

Билет №4
Задание 1. Выберите правильный ответ.
1. When the design is complete, the file_____ into a computer-aided manufacturing program.
a. imports b. imported c. is imported
2. The file _____to a post-processor which _____the data into a set of instructions.
a. is sent b. will sent c. sends
a. is converted b. converted c. converts
3. In complete computer- integrated manufacturing, computers _____ the assembly line and _____ the supply of materials, ordering new supplies when needed.
a. controls b. are controlled c control
a. monitor b. have monitored c. are monitored
4. Computers also _____changes in a product to be made easily.
a. permits b. permit c. are permitting
5. Orders can _____to meet the needs of a particular client.
a. to customize b. be customized c. customize
6. The device_____ detected charges_____ through the circuit.
a. was used b. using c. used
a. were moving b. moving c. being moved
7. _____under different conditions, the devices were put to use.
a. having been tested b. being tested c. testing
8. While _____ problems, one should follow the instructions.
a. solved b. being solved c. solving

9. During sound transmission, current_____ in telephone wires changes with the frequency of sound oscillations.
a. being flown b. flowing c. flown
!10. A microphone _____ part of a telephone set is called a telephone transmitter.
a. formed b. having been formed c. forming
!11. You _____ have watched TV for hours, it is a strain for your eyes.
a. shouldn’t b. should c. might
12. You _____ to do this task on time.
a. may b. have c. can
Образуйте независимый причастный оборот. (13-17)
13. The power station _____ in our region will run on local coal.
a. was built b. being built c. be built
14. The current _____through a conductor, a magnetic field is set up.
a. flowing b. flows c. have flown
15. The engine _____ , the operator started it.
a. is tested b. was testing c. having been tested
16. A sensitive receiver _____, the electric oscillations could be detected successfully.
a. are built b. having built c. having been built
17. Other factors _____ constant, the current is known to be directly proportional to conductivity.
a. be b. being c. having been
Образуйте инфинитивную конструкцию. (18- 20)
18. Communication _____ to have no limits nowadays.
a. is supposed b. is supposing c. was supposed
19. The input and output units _____ to be the necessary components of a computer.
a. knows b. are known c. will know
20. We know the current_____ a flow of electrons.
a. is b. was c. to be
21. If the operators had used some additional components, they_____able to actuate the relay.
a. will be b. would be c. would have been
22. If we _____ this new system of computation, we would make maximum use of the automation principle.
a. used b. would use c. had used

Задание 2. Сделать задание к тексту.
 Elements may be the basic building blocks of matter, but what—if anything—makes up the elements? In other words, what would be the result of taking an element, a piece of gold, for example, and cutting it in half, and in half again, ad infinitum. We would soon reach the point of having such a small piece of gold that it would be beyond our ability to cut it. It is at times like these when scientists must use their knowledge about how elements react to continue the experiment in their minds. Scientists have done just that and have agreed that if they continue to cut a piece of gold in half, they would eventually reach a particle called theatom (in this case, an atom of gold). The atom is the smallest part of an element that retains the chemical properties of the element. „One gold atom is so small that billions of them are required to make a tiny speck of gold that can be seen with a microscope. The atom, therefore, is the basic particle which constitutes the elements. Gold is composed of gold atoms, iron of iron atoms, and oxygen of oxygen atoms.

What did the paragraph preceding this one
most probably discuss?
(A) Elements as they are essential to matter
(B) Minerals other than gold
(C) The scientific method of inquiry
(D) Scientific experiments

All of the following can be inferred to the
passage EXCEPT
(A) matter is made up of atoms
(B) each element is composed of its own type of atoms
(C) the gold atom is the smallest particle known to science
(D) one atom of gold cannot be seen with a regular microscope

The author implies in the passage that scientists
(A) apply their knowledge through abstract thinking
(B) are more concerned with atoms than with elements
(C) had difficulty cutting the gold in half
(D) don\'t often agree with each other

Комментарии: Год сдачи : 2016
Преподаватель : Алферова Татьяна Алексеевна
Оценка : Хорошо

Размер файла: 45,5 Кбайт
Фаил: Microsoft Word (.doc)

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