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Английский язык экзамен билет № 9
Дата закачки: 31 Января 2010

Автор: Евгений
Закачал: женя68
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Тип работы: Билеты
Форматы файлов: Microsoft Word
Сдано в учебном заведении: СибГУТИ

Задание: переведите текст на русский язык.

Bespoke handsets for all
Headquartered in the UK, with operations in the Netherlands, Hong Kong and China, Sendo, a new mobile phone company, launched recently with the intention of offering high-performance, competitively-priced, reliable products and services to the cellular industry.
In a market traditionally dominated by the major handset manufacturers, Sendo will operate on the premise that cellular network operators need to differentiate amongst themselves in products and services, and will offer operators a complete custom program - to exclusively-branded handsets, matched fulfilment programs and bespoke soft-ware with dedicated services, through to valueadds such as prepaid, WAP and applications.
The company has centred its business model around a flexible manufacturing and distribution strategy, and claims to be able to ship products to customers within 48 to 72 hours of the initial order -dependent on stock - although orders for customised handsets will take between three weeks to two months (according to levels of customisation required).
According to, Sendo, this \'ship to order\' process offers many advantages over the \'assembly to forecast\' method of traditional manufacturing, "We basically decoupled the long lead time of manufacturing away to the customisation of the

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