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Экзамен по английскому языку. 2-й семестр. Билет №7

Дата закачки: 20 Февраля 2012

Автор: ramzes
Продавец: ramzes14
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Тип работы: Работа Экзаменационная
Форматы файлов: Microsoft Word
Сдано в учебном заведении: СибГУТИ

Билет №7

Задание: перевести текст на русский язык.

IP roaming for cellular

Cisco Systems is to provide end-to-end IP infrastructure for Equant and Sonera\'s global GRX (GPRS Roaming Exchange) service for mobile operators.
The GRX service, offered jointly by Equant - operator of a global network reaching key business centres in more than 220 countries, and Sonera - a major mobile service provider, will facilitate roaming between GPRS networks of mobile operators worldwide, providing users with seamless access to mobile Internet applications and services it is claimed.
CiKX is a centralised IP routing network for interconnecting GPRS networks. The Equant and Sonera GRX service will enable GPRS subscribers to access mobile Internet data services/applications and corporate intranets while travelling globally. Using Cisco 12000 GSR series of standards-based Internet routers, mobile networks will be able to interoperate across multiple operators, with access possible to more than 130 countries due to Equant\'s worldwide IP network.
"GSM roaming is something that Europeans take for granted. We expect our GSM phone to work wherever we take it, and it does. However, GPRS roaming for data and mobile Internet applications is a completely different ball game," said Massimo Migliuolo, vp, mobile business, Cisco.
The GRX service will utilise Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology to secure data transmission of GPRS traffic during transfer.
In another IP application scenario, KPNQwest, a pan-European provider of IP-based data-centric services, and Airslide Systems Inc., a provider of convergence solutions for 3G/IP, have penned a strategic agreement to provide European GSM operators with a simplified method of traffic exchange between operators. Claimed to reduce connectivity and toll exchange costs, Airslide\'s Nebula Roaming Gateway (NRG), a carrier grade, fully-redundant IP-based networking solution, will off¬load traffic to the SS7 net-work and relay it transparently over KPNQwest\'s wholly-owned IP packet backbone. Dubbed EuroRings, it is projected to be Europe\'s largest macro-capacity fibre-optic network.
"This ground-breaking solution will enable European GSM mobile operators to bypass entirely the PSTN," explained Oren Shmulevich, co-ceo and cto of Airslide. "Moreover, this solution is also geared to serve the burgeoning family of virtual roaming GSM networks across Europe, and is transparent to today s legacy networks."
The solution is currently entering a phase of \'real traffic testing\' and is expected to be available soon.

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