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Зачетная работа по предмету:«Английский язык. Грамматика» Текст по Alcatel

ID: 96255
Дата закачки: 05 Апреля 2013
Продавец: xtrail
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Тип работы: Работа Зачетная
Форматы файлов: Microsoft Word
Сдано в учебном заведении: СибГУТИ

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GSM end-user sets
A range of end-user sets for GSM is available to Alcatel.
V Alcatel 9109 НА
(Alcatel GSM handheld terminal):
This is a small pocket size/ light weight telephone developed for use in the GSM environment. The batteries support a full hour of continuous talk time or 1 2 hours of standby time.
Alcatel 9109 НА
V Alcatel 9109 DA
(Alcatel GSM transmobile):
The Alcatel 9109 DA is a GSM type car phone. It comes in a portable and a fixed version. The portable version again offers a full hour communication autonomy. The fixed version is powered to the car battery. The product supports a data transmission interface. In this way, it could be used to support voice as well as data communications over the GSM network. a personal identity card offered to a subscriber. The card will permit the user to make calls to any public mobile set with his smart card and have the call charged to his account. At the same time, the smart card will increase the security on his own GSM set. The system can be programmed to react only to the one smart card to which the terminal is assigned. All Alcatel GSM end-user equipment needs a smartcard. A smartcard is1.7. ISDN service
Evolution to ISDN
The telephone network is becoming more and more digital. Exchanges as well as line transmission are becoming digital.
Users however still access the telephone network over an analogue access line. All telephones installed in the world today make use of analogue information to communicate with the telephone network.
It might however be a good idea to provide digital subscriber lines on digital exchanges. These digital subscriber lines are called ISDN lines (integrated services digital network). They will offer a large number of advantages to the end-user.
Т An ISDN subscriber line will either support 2 channels of 64 kbit/sec each and a signaling channel (basic access) or 30 channels of 64 kbit/sec each and a signaling channel (primary rate access). In this way, every ISDN subscriber will be able to set up minimum 2 simultaneous communications. Because the speed of each channel is 64 kbit/sec, the ISDN users will be able to transmit data at a rate of 64 kbit/sec V An advanced signaling system is provided on the ISDN subscriber line. In this way, a range of new features will become available for the ISDN subscriber. For example, the identity of the calling party will be displayed on the called party set during ringing.
V The ISDN connection can be provided on the existing subscriber cabling. In this way, the cost associated with the digital access line should remain acceptable (subscriber cabling will not have to be replaced).
In other words, ISDN is a further evolution of the telephone network. Since the end of the 1980s, operators have been able to provide a choice to the end-user. They can either subscribe to an analogue line or they can be connected to the network via an ISDN line. Of course, a higher cost will be associated with ISDN but the system will also provide more functionality to the end-user.
Alcatel 1190 public network equipment
The Alcatel 1190 public network equipment can support the Alcatel 1190 end-user equipment. It is however also possible to connect end-user equipment of third parties to the Alcatel 1190 public network equipment. This third party equipment will of course have to be compatible with the metropolitan area network recommendations.
Access to Alcatel 1190 public network equipment
All MAN equipment is interconnected using optical fibber, microwave or coaxial equipment. Existing line transmission equipment is used to transmit information on these optical fibbers (either plesiochronous or SDH).
V Alcatel 1190 network management center (NMC):
The Alcatel П90 NMC will manage the equipment installed in the MAN and the services provided by the MAN. It is based on a mini-computer to tandem.
Personal computer
Personal computers are increasingly being used for professional and private applications.
For professional applications, users require a very powerful PC with a high amount of memory (RAM), a large amount of storage capacity and fast data transfer. These PCs are often equipped with a network card in order to integrate them into the local area network installed in the organization.
Personal computers used in a private environment are normally more modest. Memory and storage capacity is limited and a less powerful type of processor is often used.
More and more users are also becoming interested in portable PCs. The latest type of portable PC (Notebook) is only the size of a large book but they are still very powerful. These portable PCs open up new possibilities for engineers (home working) and for employees working in a commercial department.
Alcatel Bell offers a full range of personal computers suitable for any application.
Т Alcatel 8550:
This product is based on an 80386 SX computer. It makes use of a 20 MHz clock.
V Alcatel 8551:
This product is again based on an 80386 SX computer but it supports a higher clock speed (25 MHz).
V Alcatel 8560:
The Alcatel 8560 is a personal computer based on a full 80386 computer. It is equipped with a 100 Mbyte hard disk and a considerable central memory. As a result/ it will be suitable for most professional applications.
V Alcatel 801/20:
This PC is based on an 80486SX computer.
Т Alcatel 8570:
This PC makes use of an 80486 computer. This type of computer is often used to support special applications. It could for example be used as a server in a Local Area Network.

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