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Экзаменационная работа по английскому языку. Билет №3

ID: 125337
Дата закачки: 06 Ноября 2013
Продавец: MegaMan (Напишите, если есть вопросы)
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Тип работы: Работа Экзаменационная
Форматы файлов: Офисные пакеты
Сдано в учебном заведении: СибГУТИ

Задание I.

1. Turnover has increased by 5 per cent this year.
2. Changes in the total population and changes in the age distribution will affect both the total demand for goods and services and the composition of that demand.
3. The employers agreed to accept the terms of the pay deal.
4. A country wishing to limit its population may discourage immigration and encourage emigration.
5. Increasing concern has been expressed about the continued growth in world population.
6. If land is defined as the total surface area of the planet, including oceans, lakes and rivers, than its total quantity is fixed.

Задание II.

Labour is human effort – physical and mental – which is directed to the production of goods and services. But labour is not only a factor of production, it is also the reason why economic activity takes place. The people who take part in production are also consumers, the sum of whose individual demands provides the business person with the incentive to undertake production. For this reason when we considering real-world economic problems it is necessary to treat labour somewhat differently to the other factors. There are social and political problems which have to be taken into account. For example, the question of how many hours per day a machine should be operated will be judged solely in terms of efficiency, output, and costs. The same question applied to labour would raise additional considerations of individual freedom and human rights.
It must be borne in mind that it is the services of labour which are bought and sold, and not labour itself. The firm cannot buy and own labour in the same way that capital and land can be bought and owned.

Комментарии: 2013 год. Оценка: зачет.

Размер файла: 5,8 Кбайт
Фаил: Упакованные файлы (.rar)


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