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Английский язык, вариант 9

ID: 195415
Дата закачки: 02 Октября 2018
Продавец: @ulana55_ (Напишите, если есть вопросы)
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Тип работы: Работа Зачетная
Форматы файлов: Microsoft Word
Сдано в учебном заведении: ******* Не известно

Вариант 9

I Выберите правильный ответ.

Образец выполнения:
О. Financial documents …B… by the director and the accountant.
A signed B are signed C was signed

1. Now the normal age of retirement in the UK … is… 65 years.
A was B to be C is

2. How long have you … worked… there?
A worked B working C work

3. Russia’s natural gas exports … increased… to 182.5 billion cubic meters in 1999.
A increased B increasing C increase

4. Don’t … forget.. to calculate the marginal cost of the man’s labour.
A forget B forgot C to forget

5. The biggest advantage for companies is that teleworking … reduces... their running costs.
A reduce B reduces C reducing

6. Could you … to call back... later?
A to call back B called back C call back

7. You … mustn’t.. smoke here – it is a non-smoking office.
A can B should C mustn’t

8. Price elasticity sets prices at the correct level in the … given.. market for a particular time.
A given B giving C give

9. … To know... the English language well you must work hard.
A to know B know C knew

10.  If the team had performed better, they …would have finished... the project in time.
A would have finished B had finished C finished

II Переведите текст устно и определите, истинны (True) или ложны (False) следующие утверждения:

1. Managers to different countries approach tasks in different ways.
2. Lots of companies worldwide are truly international.
3. American companies think that globalization means developing an international culture.
4. If senior managers in a company are all to the same country, it is difficult to recruit people to other countries.
5. People can feel if they fit in a company or not.
6. In national companies, it’s common for people to come to different backgrounds.

Образец выполнения:
1. True

Steve Redwood, a London-based management consultant with Price Waterhouse, tells of a client who had brought together a team to eight different countries to work on a project. “The people to Switzerland and Germany were mainly interested in the way the project was organized. The people to Spain took a much more intuitive approach. The British had a high level of skepticism about whether the whole thing really mattered. Language was not the issue,” he says. Behind this lies the most fundamental problem of all: the fact that outside a handful of companies – Lowell Bryan, a senior partner with McKinsey in New York puts it at between a dozen and 20 worldwide – even the biggest corporations are dominated by the culture of the home country. “Companies are very German, or very British,” he says. “American companies think that globalization means Americanizing the world. Others don’t have that arrogance.”
If top management all come to the home country, that makes it much more difficult to attract and keep a global pool of talent. People know when they fit in and when they don’t. That’s true even of national companies: there is a tendency for people to have gone to the same school, or all have trained as engineers. It’s even more true when it comes to where you grew up.

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Размер файла: 13,9 Кбайт
Фаил: Microsoft Word (.docx)
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