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ID: 200995
Дата закачки: 29 Мая 2019
Продавец: Максим (Напишите, если есть вопросы)
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Тип работы: Тесты
Сдано в учебном заведении: СИБИТ

1 I … in my first year.
 a. am
b. are
c. is
2 … tea is cold.
 a. the
b. –
c. a
3 Укажите правильный вариант перевода:
There is no telephone in the room. а. Телефона нет в комнате.
b. В комнате нет телефона.
4 Выберите правильный вопрос:
 a. Were there many people in the bank?
b. There were many people in the bank?
c. In the bank there were many people?
5 There … a few hundred judges, trained as barristers.

 a. is
b. am
c. are

6 … are lawyers.
 a. I
b. he
c. they

7 … is at the entrance.
 a. their parents
b. My car
c. my friends and I
8 Укажите правильный вариант перевода:
There are at least 50 000 solicitors in Britain.
 a. В Великобритании, по крайней мере, 50 000 адвокатов.
b. По крайней мере 50 000 адвокатов в Великобритании.
9 They … at the court yesterday.
 a. were
b. are
c. will be
10 You … studying law. a. was
b. are
c. is
11 Do you know … foreign language?

 a. any
b. some
c. something

12 We have … money, so we can’t go on holiday this year.
 a. little
b. few
c. many
13 We usually drink … water in hot weather. a. a lot of
b. many
c. few

14 I invited my friend to … place. a. me
b. mine
c. my
15 There is … like home.
 a. none
b. no
c. nothing
16 Is this credit card …?
 a. yours
b. your
c. the yours
17 Укажите в каком из предложений можно употребить все указанные слова:
many, few, a lot of, some.

 a. They have read 10 English books in the original.
b. He likes to spend much time doing crosswords.
c. There is no news today
18 He has never been to … foreign countries.
 a. no
b. any
c. some
19 I have … time, I can wait.
 a. many
b. little
c. plenty of
20 … people know the right way to do it, because it is so difficult. a. little
b. few
c. much
21 She’s … university teacher. a. the
b. an
c. a
22 I like … small animals.
 a. a
b. the
c. –
23 … Mississippi is the longest river in the USA.
 a. a
b. the
c. –
24 … ice-cream is made of milk and sugar.
 a. –
b. the
c. a
25 On … Monday we open at 9 o’clock.
 a. a
b. –
c. the
26 This dress is prettier … that one. a. as
b. than
c. then
27 You mustn’t throw plastic bottles … the sea. a. in
b. into
c. on
28 It’s the … street in Rome. a. nosy
b. nosier
c. noisiest
29 This is the … hotel in our city. a. luxurious
b. more luxurious
c. most luxurious
30 What time ______the plane _______ in Madrid?
 a. do … arrive
b. does … arrive
c. does … arrives
31 I invited my friends to… place a. me
b. my
c. mine
32 We … have an examination tomorrow. a. will
b. would
c. were
33 It’s easy, you can do it … . a. your
b. yours
c. yourself
34 He … an economist in five years. a. will be
b. is
c. was
35 He could see … in the mirror. a. himself
b. oneself
c. him
36 … book is this? I’ve found it on the window silk. a. which
b. whose
c. who
37 … seem to be a lot of guests. a. There
b. It
c. They
38 London is a cosmopolitan city. People to different countries came there many years … . a. before
b. ago
c. until
39 He doesn’t … if she tells the truth. a. know
b. knew
c. known
40 There … three departments in our company. a. am
b. is
c. are
41 There is … milk in the bottle. a. not many
b. few
c. little
42 Our partners … the office five minutes ago. a. leave
b. left
c. have left
43 They … know his address. a. don’t
b. doesn’t
c. didn’t
44 We … to Moscow some days ago. a. go
b. went
c. gone
45 She can swim well.  a. So do I.
b. So can I.
c. So am I.
46 He says that a. he would be an economist.
b. he has been an economist.
c. he will be an economist.
47 What time … she come back to lunch? a. do
b. will
c. would
48 Mr. Rogers … for him at 4.30 a. will wait
b. is waiting
c. will be waiting
49 He lives in ... USA a. the
b. -
c. an
50 What is he? a. Что это?
b. Какой он?
c. Кто он по профессии?

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Фаил: Microsoft Word (.doc)
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