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Экзамен по дисциплине "Английский язык" (часть 2). Билет №6

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Дата закачки: 16 Октября 2019
Продавец: Сергей (Напишите, если есть вопросы)
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Тип работы: Работа Экзаменационная
Форматы файлов: Microsoft Word
Сдано в учебном заведении: СибГУТИ

Билет №6

Задание 1. Выберите правильный ответ.

Review of tenses
Complete the sentences with the appropriate form of the verbs in brackets.
1. The team regularly (meet) -------- to discuss progress.
2. We got the figures late and by that time we (already go) --------- over the budget.
3. They (have) -------- the results of the research in the next few weeks.
4.  Right now we (work) ---------- on the planning phase of the project.
5. We ( look) -------- for a strategic partner for months, but we just can’t find one.
6. The team generally (respect) ----------- deadlines.

Complete this text with the correct tenses: past simple, past perfect, past continuous, present perfect.

We like to think we are an ethical company, but we -------- (have) a problem last year when we --------- (launch) our new product. Let me give you the back ground to the problem. The new product --------- (sell) very well and we -------- (get) good feedback, and sales ----------- (increase) month by month. Everyone was happy. Then it all---------( go) wrong. In August we -------- (start) to get complaints to some doctors about one of our salesman. They ------------- (complain) about the methods that the salesman --------- (use) to persuade them to endorse the product. He --------- (offer) them expensive gifts and -------------( take) them to expensive restaurants. The doctors ------------ ( feel) under pressure to promote the product.
By the end of the year we ---------- (receive) over 30 complaints about the particular salesman. In December articles -------- (start) to appear in the press about our unethical sales methods. In the end we -------- (fire) the salesman. As a result of this, we ------------ (recently issue) guidelines to all sales staff about appropriate gifts.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. If you offer us a 15 percent discount ----------- (we/give) you an order for 50,000bottles.
2. What discount ----------- (you/offer) us if we decided to spend 1 million a year with you.
3. If ---------- (we/improve) the payment terms, would you consider buying to us?
4. If we meet again next week, --------- (you/change) your position?
5. We could negotiate a better price if------------ (you/shorten) the delivery time.
6. --------- (you be able) to deliver next week if we ordered 100,000 units today?
7. If you ------- (not offer) such good terms, we wouldn’t do business with you.

Choose a, b, c to complete the sentences.
1. ----------------this law of mechanics one should know the theory well.
a. explaining b. to explain c. having explained
2. The plastics ------------ in our laboratory will replace iron and its alloys.
a. to be produced b. was producing c. have been produced
3. When ---------- the article he uses no dictionary.
a. translates b. translating c. translated
4. Physics is a science ------------ with phenomena of matter and energy.
a. deals b. dealing c. was dealing
5. The new instrument ------------ in our laboratory will be used in radio engineering research.
a. designed b. designing c. being designed
6. Every atom contains small particles ---------- kinds of electricity.
a. carrying b. carried c. carry
7. ------------ by young engineers the solar installations was used for melting metals.
a. designed b. having been designed c. having designed
8. The power station -------------- in our region will run on local coal.
a. built b. being built c. was built
9. A current ------------- through a conductor, a magnetic field is set up.
a. flowing b. flows c. having flown
10. The engine--------------, the operator started it.
a. is tested b. was testing c. having been tested
11. A sensitive receiver ----------------, the electric oscillations could be directly proportional to conductivity.
a. are built b. having built c. having been built
12. Other factors ----------------- constant, the current is known to be directly proportional to conductivity.
a. be b. being c. having been

Задание 2. Сделать задание к тексту.
For any business, the cost of transportation is normally the largest single item in the overall cost of physical distribution. It doesn\'t necessarily follow, though, that a manufacturer should simply pick the cheapest available form of transportation. Many companies today use the total physical distribution concept, an approach that involves maximizing the efficiency of physical distribution activities while minimizing their cost. Often, this means that the (9) company will make cost tradeoffs between the various physical distribution activities. For instance, air freight may be much more expensive than rail transport, but a national manufacturer might use air freight to ship everything to a single warehouse and thus
avoid the greater expense of maintaining several warehouses.
When a firm chooses a type of transportation, it has to bear in mind its other marketing concerns—storage, financing, sales, inventory size, and the like. Transportation, in fact, can be an especially important sales tool.(18) If the firm can supply its customers\' needs more quickly and reliably than its competitors do, it will have a vital advantage: so it may be more profitable in the long run to pay higher transportation costs, rather than risk the loss of future sales. In addition, speedy delivery is crucial in some industries. A mail-order distributor sending fruit to Oregon to Pennsylvania needs
(20) promptness of air freight. On the other hand, a manufacturer shipping lingerie to New York to assachusetts may be perfectly satisfied with slower (and cheaper) truck or rail transport.

1. The passage supports which of the
following statements?
(A) Businesses should use the least expensive form of transportation.
(B) Transportation is an important aspect of business.
(C) Rail transportation is usually better for companies because it is cheaper than air transport.
(D) Most manufacturers choose the fastest form of delivery.

2. According to the passage, all of the
following would influence the type of
transportation that a company might
choose EXCEPT
(A) the type of goods to be shipped
(B) the expense of the shipping
(C) the time it takes for delivery
(D) the size of its warehouses

3. The author states in the passage that the total physical distribution concept
(A) is based on the capability and cost-effectiveness of a transportation system
(B) advocates the use of air freight because of its efficiency
(C) suggests trading goods for transportation services
(D) relies on using warehouses for storing goods
4. The phrase "cost tradeoffs" in line 9 means that companies
(A) sometimes engage in bartering goods
(B) may choose an expensive form of transportation if costs can be cut in another area
(C) prefer warehouses to air transportation
(D) rarely use rail transport
5. It can be inferred to the passage that transportation is
(A) important to continued successful sales
(B) independent of other business concerns
(C) not used effectively by businesses
(D) too expensive for most mail-order industries to use
6. We can conclude to the passage that a business that deals in perishable goods would probably choose to ship by
(A) rail
(B) truck
(C) tair freight
(D) any type of cheap transport
7. The word "its" in line 18 refers to which of the following?
(A) competitors
(B) firm
(C) customers
(D) sales tool

8. This passage would probably be assigned reading in which of the following academic courses?
(A) Marketing
(B) Statistics
(C) Mechanical engineering
(D) History

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