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Английский язык (часть 2). Экзамен. Билет 10.

ID: 206813
Дата закачки: 12 Февраля 2020
Продавец: BEV (Напишите, если есть вопросы)
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Тип работы: Билеты экзаменационные
Сдано в учебном заведении: ДО СИБГУТИ

Задание 1. Выберите правильный ответ.

1. What technological developments ___________ minicomputers and microcomputers possible?
a) made
b) had made
c) did make
2. My elderly aunt Agatha just forwarded me a virus warning. What ___________ I do?
a) will
b) should
c) have
3. What ___________ the difference between a virus and a worm?
a) was
b) does
c) is
4. Virus requires no user interaction and ___________ already___________your computer, simply by virtue of having been sent to you.
a) will have infected
b) would have infected
c) inflected

5. The Mich¬elangelo virus ___________worldwide within a year.
a) is gone
b) went
c) has been gone

6. It is not easy to protect hard disks, so many people use antivirus programs.
a) use
b) have used
c) will use

7. Today, operating systems___________the use of hardware devices such as the printer or mouse.
a) controls and manages
b) is controlling and managing
c) control and manage

8. British analysts___________ emails sent and received in the UK and found that one in 300 is infected, compared with one in 1,500 in 1999.
a) will examine
b) were examining
c) have examined

9.___________ calculations, a computer displays results.
a. Having performed
b. Performed
c. Performing
10.A faulty cable ___________ between two manholes is to be replaced.
d. having run
e. running
f. runs
11.___________ under different conditions, the devices were put to use.
g. having been tested
h. testing
i. tested
12. The device ___________ faulty, one cannot rely on its readings.
j. is
k. being
l. to be
13. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, information ___________ into and out of any single byte of memory.
m. being transferred
n. transferred
o. have transferred
14. Other factors ___________ constant, the current is known to be directly proportional to conductivity.
p. be
q. being
r. having been
15. A barometer is used for _______________ the atmospheric pressure.
16. Is any metal capable of _______________ into a wire.
b.being drawn
c.having drawn
17. We know the atmospheric pressure __________ as altitude increases.
b.is decreasing
c.to decrease
18. Quantum electronics _________________, it became possible to produce clock that measure time with an accuracy of one second per 300 years.
a.having been developed
b.have been developed
c.being developed
19. Without the Sun there _____________ no light, no heat, no energy of any kind.
a.will be
b.would be
20. Oxygen is an element of greatest importance to the Earth as all living things __________ without it.
a.would die
b.will die
c.will be dying
21. If automatic checking of different kinds hadn’t been built into the computer it __________ operate with extraordinary reliability.
a) Couldn’t operate
b) can’t operate
c) can’t operating

22. If the operators some additional components, they would have been able to actuate the relay
a) used
b) have used
c) had used

Задание 2. Сделать задание к тексту.

For several decades, psychologists have been doing extensive research on a subject that effects millions of us: hobbies. (2) According to their findings, a person’s choice of hobby can be almost as revealing as his reaction to an inkblot.
Investigators found that a clearly distinguishable pattern exists between hobby preferences and personality.
Scientists now say that they are in a position to study your hobby and come up with a fairly accurate estimate of your emotional
maturity, level of intelligence, and distinguishing personality traits.
(9) This is because people generally pick a hobby of their own free will. As a parallel, a person choosing a mate employs a
method of selection that reflects his or her intellectual and emotional maturity; the same process is at work in choosing a hobby.
A hobby is never a task, but a form of living expression that complements (14)and augments one’s own personality.

1. This passage mainly discusses

2. The word “findings” in line 2 is closest in meaning to
3. It can be inferred to the passage that a reaction to an inkblot

4. The author implies in the passage that hobbies are

5. The word “this” in line 9 refers to

6. According to the passage, a person’s choice of hobby can tell scientists about all of the following EXCEPT

7. As used in line 14, the word “augments” is closest in meaning to

Комментарии: Уважаемая ..., Вы хорошо справились с заданием, но есть ошибки. Неверно сделали 11,12,17,21 задания. Алферова Татьяна Алексеевна

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