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Экзаменационная работа По дисциплине: Иностранный язык(английский) II часть Билет: 7

ID: 209274
Дата закачки: 17 Апреля 2020
Продавец: lotos15 (Напишите, если есть вопросы)
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Тип работы: Билеты экзаменационные
Форматы файлов: Microsoft Office
Сдано в учебном заведении: ДО СУБГУТИ

Билет №7

Задание 1. Выберите правильный ответ.

1. For information ___________, it must be attached to a radio – frequency carrier wave.
a.to be transmitted
b. will be transmitted
c. transmitted
2. Various installations ___________ to transform electric power into mechanical and heat power.
d. have been used
e. are using
f. are being used
3. The experiment ___________ to be continued .
a. reports
b. is reporting
c. is reported
4. A computer ___________ to possess four main parts.
a. has been known
b. is known
c. knows
5. The atmosphere ___________ to extend several hundred kilometers above the Earth.
a. proves
b. has been proved
c. is proved
6. Transistor batteries ___________ to be used in systems that have to operate on weak signals, for example, in ultra-long-distance space communications.
a. expected
b. have been expected
c. were expected
7. Materials ___________ very high resistance are called insulators.
a. having
b. have
c. are having
8. A cable conduit is an arrangement ___________ in the ground.
a. building
b. is built
c. built
20.  Oxygen is an element of greatest importance to the Earth as all living things __________ without it.
a. would die
b. will die
c. will be dying
21. If automatic checking of different kinds hadn’t been built into the computer it __________ operate with extraordinary reliability.
a. Couldn’t operate
b. can’t operate
c. can’t operating
22. If the operators some additional components, they would have been able to actuate the relay
a. used
b. have used
c. had used

Задание 2. Сделать задание к тексту.

The killer sea waves known as tsunamis are so quiet in their approach to afar, so seemingly harmless, that until recently their history has been one of surprise attack.
Out in the middle of the ocean, the distance between tsunami wave crests can be 100 miles and the height of the waves no more than three feet: mariners can ride one and suspect nothing. At the shoreline, the first sign is often an ebbing of the waters that leaves fish stranded and slapping on the bottom. However, this is not a retreat but rather a gathering of forces. When the great waves finally do strike, they rear up and batter harbor and coast, inflicting death and damage.
These seismic sea waves—or tidal waves, as they are sometimes called— bear no relation to the moon or tides. And the word "tsunami Japanese for "harbor wave," relates to their destination rather than their origin. The causes are various: undersea or coastal earthquakes, deep ocean avalanches or volcanism. Whatever the cause, the wave motion starts with a sudden jolt like a whack to (19) a giant paddle that displaces the water. (20) And the greater the undersea whack, the greater the tsunami\'s devastating power.
In 1883, Krakatoa volcano in the East Indies erupted, and the entire island collapsed in 820 feet of water. A tsunami of tremendous force ricocheted around Java and Sumatra, killing 36,000 people with walls of water that reached 115 feet in height.
In 1946 a tsunami struck first near Alaska and then, without warning, hit the Hawaiian islands, killing 159 people and inflicting millions of dollars of damage. This led to the creation of the Tsunami Warning System, whose nerve (31)center in Honolulu keeps a round-the-clock vigil with the aid of new technology. If the seismic sea waves are confirmed by the Honolulu center, warnings are transmitted within a few hours to all threatened Pacific points. While tsunami damage remains unavoidable, lives lost today are more likely to be in the tens than in the thousands. Tsunamis have been deprived of their most deadly sting—surprise.

1. The author\'s main point in this passage is that
(A) seismic sea waves today are carefully monitored and cause less damage than in the past
(B) tsunamis can do little damage when they strike
(C) there is little possibility of avoiding tidal waves once they are in motion
(D) we need better equipment to track the movements of tsunamis
2. According to the passage, seismic sea waves
(A) are easily detected by fishermen
(B) are named "tsunami" for the origin of the wave in the harbor
(C) are called tidal waves because of their relation to the moon
(D) originate far to the place where they strike
3. In line 19, why does the author mention "a giant paddle"?
7. The tone of this article can best be described as
(A) informative
(B) exaggerated
(C) indignant
(D) humorous
8. According to the passage, the Tsunami Warning System was created because of
(A) the availability of new technology
(B) the nervous state of people in Honolulu
(C) the occurrence of the 1946 tsunami
(D) The loss of millions of lives

Комментарии: Сибирский Государственный Университет Телекоммуникаций и Информатики 2020г Работа зачтена Проверил: Ценер Татьяна Сергеевна В 1ом задании 5,6,8,11,12,13,16,17 ответы неверные. 2е задание без ошибок.

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