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Дата закачки: 14 Ноября 2022
Продавец: veroooon (Напишите, если есть вопросы)
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Тип работы: Работа Контрольная
Сдано в учебном заведении: РГСУ

При изучении дисциплины предусмотрено прохождение Итогового контроля.
Подготовьте письменные ответы на ДВА вопроса из нижеприведенного списка в теоретическом блоке и Задание в аналитическом блоке.
Объем ответа по каждому вопросу из теоретического блока составляет 250-300 слов.
Ответы необходимо оформить в одном файле docx и отправить на проверку в Виртуальной образовательной среде. Имя файла формируется следующим образом Фамилия И.О. студента_название дисциплины_ИК.docx.
Вопросы для проведения промежуточной аттестации обучающихся по дисциплине
Теоретический блок вопросов:
1. Основные правила аннотирования.
2. Алгоритм составления реферата.
3. Правила оформления научной статьи (реферата, аннотации).
4. Стратегии перевода.
5. Понятие об языковых и культурологических лакунах.
6. Социально и локально маркированные языковые средства,
7. Правила редактирования, аннотирования и реферирования текста на
иностранном языке
Аналитическое задание
1. Чтение со словарем оригинального текста по специальности или
направлению подготовки с точной передачей содержания прочитанного в форме письменного перевода. Объем текста - из расчета не менее 1500 печ. зн. Время: 90 мин.
2. Зрительно-устный перевод оригинального текста по широкому профилю вуза. Текст содержит изученные грамматические явления и до 40% незнакомой лексики. Объем текста - не менее 400 печ. зн.
3. Составление аннотации статьи по специальности. Время - 20 мин, объем 800 - 1200 печ. зн.
Sociology in human interactions
The sociologist has a distinctive way of examining human interactions. Sociology is the systematic study of social behavior and human groups. It focuses primarily on the influence of social relationships upon people\'s attitudes and behavior and on how societies are established and change. As a field of study, sociology has an extremely broad scope and it deals with families, gangs, business firms, political parties, schools, religions, labor unions, etc. It is concerned with love, poverty, conformity, discrimination, illness, alienation, overpopulation and community.
The Sociological Imagination. In attempting to understand social behavior, sociologists rely on unusual type of creative thinking, sociological imagination, i.e.an awareness of the relationship between an individual and the society. Thus instead of simply accepting the fact that movie stars and rock stars are the «royalty» of human society, we could ask, in a more critical sense, why we are not as interested in meeting outstanding scientists, or elementary school teachers, or architects. Sociological imagination can bring new understanding to daily life around us.
Sociology and Social Sciences. The term science refers to the body of knowledge obtained by methods based upon systematic observations. The sciences are commonly divided into natural and social sciences. Natural scienceis the study of the physical features of nature and the ways in which they interact and change. Astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology and physics are all natural sciences.Social science is the study of various aspects of human society. The social sciences include sociology, anthropology, economics, history, psychology and political sciences.
These academic disciplines have a common focus on the social behavior of people, yet each has a particular orientation in studying such behavior. Anthropologists usually study cultures of the past and preindustrial societies that remain in existence today. Economists explore the ways in which people produce and exchange goods and services. Historians are concerned with the peoples and events of the past and their significance for us today. Political scientists study international relations, the workings of government and the exercise of power and authority. Psychologists investigate personality and individual behavior. In contrast to other social sciences, sociology emphasizes the influence that society has on people\'s attitudes and behavior. Humans are social animals; therefore, sociologists scientifically examine our social relationships with other people.
To better illustrate the distinctive perspectives of the social sciences, let us examine sociological and psychological approaches to the issue of gambling. Viewed to the perspective of psychology, gambling represents an escape into a fantasy world where great fortune can be attained easily. By contrast, sociologists focus on the social networks that develop among many gamblers. Participants in gambling establish friendship groups. For such persons gambling is a form of recreation and may even be their primary social activity. This example shows that by viewing social phenomena to several perspectives, we can enhance our understanding of human behavior.
2. Зрительно-устный перевод оригинального текста по широкому профилю вуза Текст содержит изученные грамматические явления и до 40% незнакомой лексики. Объем текста - не менее 400 печ. зн.

What are the ethical issues that need to be considered, and how do they play out in community interventions?
Ethical behavior in community interventions relates to the treatment of people, information, and money, and to the general actions of the workers and the organization or initiative, even when they are not dealing directly with the community.
Probably the most familiar of ethical issues is the expectation that communications and information to participants in the course of a community, intervention or program (including conversations, written or taped records notes, test results, etc.) will be kept confidential. Programs\' legal responsibilities in this, area may vary, but as a general rule, confidentiality is the best policy. It protects, both participants and the organization to invasion of privacy, and establishes a bond of trust between the participant and the program. In all circumstances, ethical treatment of participants demands that they be informed about the program\'s confidentiality policies.
In most cases, they then have the choice of not participating if they are unhappy with those policies; in the case of court-mandated participation, at least they will know what to expect. All of which brings us to the next two issues, which may intertwine with confidentiality and each other: consent and disclosure.
3. Составление аннотации статьи по специальности. Время — 20 мин, объем 800 - 1200 печ. зн.
Conflict of interest
A conflict of interest is a situation in which someone\'s personal (financial, political, professional, social, sexual, family, etc.) interests could influence his judgment or actions in a financial or other decision, in carrying out his job, or in his relationships with participants. Conflicts of interest are virtually always unethical, to the point where the mere appearance of a conflict needs to be avoided. Even if decisions or actions are not actually influenced by personal interest, people in conflict of interest situations in their public or professional lives should do everything possible to resolve them.
Some examples of conflict of interest (with possible solutions in parentheses):
 A decision by a program director to purchase office equipment for the program to a company his wife owns: the director has both a personal and a financial stake in the decision. (The director could remove himself and/or his wife\'s company to the purchasing process.).
 A researcher financing a study with money to a company that stands to benefit to a particular result of that study. The researcher\'s conclusions could be influenced by what the company wants. (The ideal here is not to finance a study with funding to anyone who has a vested interest in the overcome).

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