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Дата закачки: 05 Февраля 2019
Продавец: IVANOVA (Напишите, если есть вопросы)
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Тип работы: Работа Контрольная
Сдано в учебном заведении: СИБИТ

I. Тест лексический

1. А____ computer is a machine which combines some properties of digital
and analog computers.

A) modem
B) hybrid
C) total
D) numerical

2. A computing machine can take m and _____ information.

A) produce
B) press
C) store
D) express

3. Information is a set of marks or signs mat have _____ .

A) unit
B) surface
C) power
D) meaning

4. The smallest unit of information for a computer is called a

A) sign
B) byte
C) address
D) memory

5. A byte consists of eight ____.

A) bits
B) words
C) operations
D) ways

6. The part of digital computer which stores information is called ____.

A) circle
B) chip
C) storage
D) circuit

7. ____ memory is a storage for programs and information.

A) Floppy
B) Circular
C) Thin
D) Bubble

8. Operators are sitting at a battery of monitors with a ____ beneath each.

A) signal
B) keyboard
C) display
D) hardware

9. A program is a set of_____ composed for solving a given problems by a

A) diagrams
B) flow-charts
C) instructions
D) errors

10. A ____ is the representation of data or instruction in the symbolic form.

A) code
B) sign
C) process
D) procedure

11. A ____ is a subcode that may be used many times during the computation
of a program.

A) point
B) exit
C) condition
D) subroutine

12. The main kinds of programs are subdivided into system service programs and____ programs.

A) symbolic
B) control
C) mean
D) entire

13. Many people use the Internet only for sending and receiving e-mail ____ .

A) costs
B) designs
C) messages
D) systems

14. The Data Base Management System is a ____ package.

A) hardware
B) software
C) application
D) basic

15. ________ is a programming high level language designed for solving mathematical and business problems.

II. Тест грамматический

1. A computer __________ also put out information, display the answers when it receives them.

A) has to
B) can
C) ought to
D) could

2. The computer __________ what operations to perform by means of instructions.

A) tells
B) is told
C) to tell
D) has told

3. Every student of our speciality ________ know what analog computer is.

A) may
B) is able to
C) has to
D) is to

4. A man __________ to write by hand at the rate of 30 words per minute.

A) is known
B) knows
C) has known
D) to know

5. The main purpose of the computers is __________ different problems.

A) to solve
B) solved
C) have solved
D) will solve

6. The programs ____ will be very important.

A) compiles
B) have compiled
C) to be compiled
D) to compile.

7. В. Pascal ____ the first mechanical computer.

A) invented
B) invents
C) is invented
D) inventing

8. The programmer ____ the program for a computer must have a good
 knowledge of mathematics.

A) to be done
B) does
C) to do
D) has done

9. Logical operations ____ by a computer are comparing, selecting, sorting,
and determining.

A) performing
B) performed
C) have performed
D) to be performed

10. A memory unit is used for ____ information.

A) to store
B) to be stored
C) storing
D) stored

11. Computers ____ in many fields of human activity, everybody must have
an elementary knowledge of computers and programming.

A) being used,
B) using
C) have used
D) to use.
12. ____ for the computers has several forms.

A) to program
B) programming
C) being programmed
D) having been programmed.

13. A library of subroutines is any collection of subroutines which ____ for
general application.

A) to write
B) wrote
C) is written
D) have been written

14. The printers ______only for output unit.

A) is used
B) to use
C) are used
D) will use

15. The ____ we know English, the ____ specialists we are.

A) the more..., the more
B) the better..., the better
C) the smaller..., the better
D) the faster..., the more

Задание: письменно переведите текст на русский язык.


Since the transistor was invented, no single electronics innovation1 has had such an impact2 as microcomputer. Powered by tiny semiconductor chips3 containing computing elements with the same power only and functions previously found in large scale computers, these microcomputers systems are now being applied to literally4 thousand of application. Microprocessors are automating assembly lines, providing the heart of sophistical electronic games, making “intelligent”5 computer peripherals even faster. This revolution is occurring because microcomputers are very inexpensive, easy to implement into a system, and significantly reduce the time and cost of product development6.
The microcomputers were the first computers to use a single microprocessor chip as the processor. Personal computers and small business computers are microcomputers. 8-bit microcomputers usually support only one user terminal and have a maximum of 64 KB of memory. 16-bit microcomputers may support several user terminals and usually have maximum of 1 million bytes of memory. As the power of microcomputers increases, they can be used in two ways. They can be used either as a central computer (providing processing for several user terminals), or as a more powerful single computer for an individual user.


1innovation – новшество
2an impact – зд. влияние
3Powered by tiny semiconductor chips – приводимые в действие крошечными полупроводниковыми кристаллами (чипами)
4literally – буквально
5“intelligent” – «умный» (зд. применительно к вычислительной машине)
6product development – зд. выпуск продукции

Задание: ответьте письменно на вопросы по содержанию текста (по-английски).

1. Why has microcomputer had such an impact?
2. What advantages do microcomputers have?
3. How can they be used?
4. Give an example of a microcomputer and say what power it has (a maximum of KB of memory).

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