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Зачет.Английский язык часть1 билет 3

ID: 203829
Дата закачки: 16 Октября 2019
Продавец: backardy (Напишите, если есть вопросы)
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Тип работы: Билеты экзаменационные
Сдано в учебном заведении: ДО СИБГУТИ

Задание 1. Выберите правильный ответ.
1. Computer engineering _____ now the most rapidly_____field.
a. is growing b. will grow c. has growing
2. Major developments in the field of communications and control _____the replacement of analogue systems with digital systems.
a. has been b. have been c. is
3. The main memory holds the instructions and data which _____by the CPU.
a. are processed b. has been processed c. are being processed
4. The best blogs are similar to online discussions, where people write in response to what the blogger_____.
a. wrote b. has written c. will write
5. If you _____at the equipment of 1946, you would notice the difference with that available at present.
a. look b. have looked c. looked
6. If he had tested the material, we _____it in our work.
a. should have used b. will use c. would use
7. He seems _____ constantly for the last two weeks.
a. to have been working b. to have worked c. to work
8. The problem _____b is of great importance.
a. solving b. to be solved c. having solved
9. _____such high- frequency radio-like coherent signal was extremely important.
a. produce b. produced c. to produce
10. A team of researchers expect a new light bulb _____much more energy efficient.
a. be b. was c. to be
11. We _____many substances to possess the property of electricity.
a. are knowing b. will know c. know
12. Devices such as lamps, switches, batteries and transistors _____to be components of a useful circuit.
a. was known b. knew c. are known
13.  The system_____will increase the safety and fuel efficiency of a car.
a. testing b. being tested c. is testing
14. _____ the substance changed its properties.
a. to be heated b. heating c. having been heated
15. The first TV set _____in 1939 was a tiny nine-by twelve inch box.
a. producing b. produced c. having produced
16. The name electronics is known to be derived to the word “electron”, the electron itself _____the basic unit of negative electricity.
a. to be b. has been c. being
17. An engine is a device for _____ one form of energy into another.
a. converts b. converting c. has converted
18. The grid is usually operated at a slight negative potential so that the electrons will pass through the grid without _____the wires.
a. hitting b heats c. to heat
19. Reducing capacitance lets the chip use less power_____at the same speed.
a. switching b. switch c. to switch
20. The only satisfactory method of _____radio signals that has been discovered is by the use of vacuum tube.
a. amplify b. to amplify c. amplifying
21. If it were not for lasers, a great number of technological developments _____.
a. wouldn’t have taken place b. will not have taken place c. don’t take place
22. If automatic checking had not been built into the computer, it _____ with extraordinary reliability.
a. will not operate b. could not operate c. can not operate

Задание 2. Сделать задание к тексту.
Only humans have a spoken, symbolic language; scientists have long thought that nonhuman primates had much less sophisticated communication systems. True, but chimpanzees use gestures and many voice sounds in the wild, while other apes use sounds to communicate territorial information. Chimpanzees seem to have a natural talent for learning symbolic language under controlled conditions. A famous
chimpanzee named Washoe was trained to communicate with humans, using no less than 175 sign language gestures similar to those of the American Sign Language. After more than a year Washoe could associate particular signs with activities, such as eating and drinking. Another chimpanzee named Sarah was taught to read and write with plastic symbols and acquired a vocabulary of 130 different words, to the extent
that she obeyed sequences of written instructions given with the symbols. But such experiments in communication with primates are a far cry to the versatility and grace of human speech.

1. The passage states that the ability of chimpanzees to learn symbolic language in certain situations is due to
(A) their territoriality
(B) their use of gestures and voice sounds in the wild
(C) their natural talent
(D) their use of the American Sign Language

2. According to the passage, the chimpanzee Washoe
(A) was able to associate some signs with activities after a year
(B) used fewer than 175 signs to communicate
(C) was fluent in the American Sign Language
(D) could read and write

3. The passage states that Sarah\'s ability to read and write was judged by
(A) the size of her vocabulary
(B) her dexterity in using the plastic symbols
(C) her obedience to instructions given in the symbol language
(D) the number of symbol sequences that she could manipulate

4. According to the author, spoken, symbolic language is
(A) not a sophisticated communication system
(B) only available to humans
(C) shared by both humans and chimpanzees
(D) similar to the language used by chimpanzees

Комментарии: сдано в 2019году. переподаватель Новикова А.Ю. Оценка зачет.

Размер файла: 61,5 Кбайт
Фаил: Microsoft Word (.doc)


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